Virtuele Tentoonstelling Decolonial Dialogues with the Golden Coach

Decolonial Dialogues with the Golden Coach takes the form of a virtual dialogue between the coach’s panel Tribute from the Colonies and work by contemporary artists of colour. The exhibition and catalogue highlight some of the iconographic stereotypes and narratives within the panel that still reverberate to this day – both in the systemically racist make up of some of our national institutions, and in collective modes of thought. Decolonial Dialogues with the Golden Coach identifies three vignettes within the panel: the invention of ‘benevolent colonialism’, the stereotype of ‘the noble savage’, and the connections between colonialism and the destruction of ecologies. Through these three themes the exhibition traces the panel’s connections to how the Dutch colonial past is commemorated in the Netherlands, the present socio-political position of immigrants in the Netherlands, and the nexus between colonialism, capitalism, and environmental destruction. The exhibition and catalogue offer alternative views and imaginaries by means of a dialogic trajectory in which artworks speak to each other, evoking a non-linear and non-unitary conversation concerning the subliminal messages conveyed through the iconography of the Tribute from the Colonies panel.

You can visit the exhibition via this link. 


When entering the exhibition, please take into account the following:

When entering the exhibition you should choose ‘join room’. You will then be asked to give permission for the space to use your device’s audio and microphone. The exhibition makes use of a soundscape that enhances the visiting experience. Granting permission to use the microphone enables you to communicate with other visitors present in the space. In order to navigate the space smoothly, you should pick up one of the avatars (the rocks) in the Avatar Station in the lobby. With your chosen rock you will be able to move around in the exhibition space.


How to navigate in the exhibition environment?

Click and drag your cursor to look around and to change perspective. 

When pointing your cursor on an artwork/text, press F-key for a closer look. 


Keyboard keys

W-key/↑-key: moving straight ahead

A-key/←-key: moving to the left

S-key/↓-key: moving backwards

D-key/→-key: moving to the right 


Hold shift to go fast. 


G-key: enables flying mode, through which you can engage with the exhibition from different perspectives.  

On February 26th 2022, the exhibition was launched during an interview and panel conversation during the finissage of The Golden Coach exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum.

You can watch the full video of the panel conversation here.

00:42:45 Interview with Rosemarie Buikema and Rolando Vázquez next to the Golden Coach

01:01:37 Panel conversation with Rosemarie Buikema, Astrid Kerchman, Rolando Vázquez and Lex van Tilborg, moderated by Inez van der Scheer

Curatie en onderzoek: Rosemarie Buikema, Giorgia Cacciatore enAstrid Kerchman

Stagiaires: Vaida Šikšnytė en Eva Soeterik

Grafisch ontwerp & ontwerp tentoonstelling: Noémi Biró en Louisa Teichmann


Kunstenaars: Zico Albaiquni, Dewy Elsinga, Natasja Kensmil, Nomusa Makhubu, Suat Öğüt, Hestu Setu Legi, Shertise Solano en Hedy Tjin