Terra Critica

Practicing Equality-in-Difference



The audio-clip is a recording of a Terra Critica ReadingRoom session, and part of a series (held in 2017) called un/learning: the p/re/distribution of knowledge. As you can hear, different voices overlap and respond to each other, none is exclusive or more important than the others. In tune with MOED’s objective, we practice an affirmative combination of equality-in-difference in each ReadingRoom meeting, hoping to thereby un/learn together how to cohabit(u)ate otherwise. For the short one-minute audio-clip, we have blended the voices of those who were present and conversed with each other for two-and-a-half hours – hoping to make audible how our practice is enacted. This season, we chose the different phenomena of mountain, waste and time to un/learn p/re/distribution of knowledge. During the recorded session we discussed from different perspectives what human cohabit(u)ation with mountains might look like, differently yet of equal value in diverse geological, cultural and mythological habitats.





The sound-bite gives you an audio-impression of a Terra Critica ReadingRoom meeting. ReadingRoom is open to anyone interested in careful close readings, fostering an inclusive space for substantial and meaningful conversations in the humanities, the arts and beyond. Since our first meeting in the winter of 2014, each meeting of ReadingRoom strives to establish a non-hierarchical space in which different voices can meet and resonate, based on joint readings. We practice reading as an active intervention into our present, a shared endeavor that sharpens our senses and enables new affective communities. It is a practice that can bring equality and difference to life.


Image: Designed and woven by Eva Stossel.