Jamila Mascat MOED TALKS

MOED Talks: Jamila Mascat

In this video series, MOED invites guests to talk about their views on equality and difference through artworks they find inspiring, empowering, and that have stayed with them over time. What is the power of artistic practice and imagination in the struggle towards a more inclusive society? How does imagination, affect, emotion, and reason, in their mutual connections, contribute to a better understanding of equality, difference, and inclusion?

Our fourth guest is Jamila Mascat, lecturer at the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University. Jamila Mascat has also been teaching courses in Philosophy at Paris Sorbonne and at the University La Sapienza in Rome. This week she talks about postcolonialism and art through the contemporary art exhibition Africa Remix held in  Paris, Dusseldorf, Stockholm and London with the participation of 87 different artists displaying over 200 works. In the video, Jamila reflects on the question ‘Does the exhibition manage to get rid of the stereotype of Africa as one and the same thing?’